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Summary of GP population characteristics

Representative Distribution of Patients across England

Overall, there are almost 35 million patient records on QResearch (version 43) between 1990 and 2018, from 1616 GP practices. This includes those who have died (2.15million), left the practice (19.54 million) and those who are still registered (13.10 million). 51.6% are women and 48.4% are men.  The patients are spread throughout 10 geographical areas in England as shown in the table below. These figures are for illustration purposes since the database is regularly updated.

Region Patient Records
East Midlands 1.54 million
East of England 1.67 million
London 9.23 millon
North East 0.99 million
North West 5.07 million
South Central 4.5§ million
South East 3.16 million
South West 3.49 million
West Midlands 3.47 million
Yorkshire and humber 1.65 million

Ethnically diverse population

The database contains a rich diversity of ethnic groups (using the ethnicity which patients have assigned for themselves). This is important as it enables us to look at how different diseases may affect different ethnic groups as well as analyses variations in access to treatments.

Ethnic Group Numbers of patients
White or not recorded 31.1 million
Indian 568,845
Pakistani 393,749
Bangladeshi 288,863
Other Asian 402,416
Caribbean 243,517
Black Afridan 634,953
Chinese 231,418
Other group 899,523