Scientific Committee

Terms of reference/remit

  • To follow the criteria and principles set out by the QResearch Advisory Board in assessing and advising on applications to access the QResearch database
  • To assess the risks involved in each application for use of the QResearch database and to refer difficult areas for decision to the QResearch Advisory Group
  • To advise the QResearch team on technical issues

The Chair of the Scientific Committee is Professor Rafael Perera-Salazar, Professor of Medical Statistics at the University of Oxford. As the HRA Data Controller for QResearch and the linked datasets, final decisions relating to data access are made by Julia Hippisley-Cox, supported by the advice from the Scientific Advisory Committee. 

The peer review forms used by the Scientific Committee include the following questions, with yes/no options and space for comments.

1. Is there a clear research question or hypothesis which is likely to lead to generalisable findings, capable of publication in a peer reviewed medical journal?


2. Are the researchers likely to be able to conduct the study and its analysis?


3. Is QResearch the appropriate database to be used to conduct the research?


4. Is the methodology appropriate to answer the question (including the possibility of bias and confounding)?


5. Are there any potential risks to the ethical position of QResearch in undertaking this research (including the potential identification of patients or practices)?


6. Do you have any conflicts of interest in reviewing this application? If so, please give brief details


7. Overall, do you think QResearch should approve this research project? Please select one of the options

- Yes
- Yes, but needs modification (if so, please say what)
- No
- Refer to the QResearch Advisory Board


8. Please give details of any modifications or general comments


If modifications are suggested, the applicant will be given opportunity to make them and the revised protocol will be reviewed for a further time.