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Scientific Committee

The QResearch Scientific Committee undertakes scientific reviews of research applications to QResearch and approval by the committee constitutes Research Ethics Approval under REC 18/EM/0400. 

Terms of reference/remit

  1. To advise the QResearch team on scientific issues relating to research applications
  2. To advise on whether the research applications has a clear research question or hypothesis which is likely to lead to generalisable findings capable of publication in a peer reviewed medical journal
  3. To advise whether the research meets a minimum scientific standard and if not, what amendments are required
  4. To advise whether the research team is likely to be able to conduct the study and its analysis
  5. To assess the risks involved in each application for use of the QResearch database and to refer difficult areas for decision to the QResearch Advisory Group
  6. To follow the criteria and principles set out by the QResearch Advisory Board in assessing and advising on research applications to access the QResearch database

Decision making

Julia Hippisley-Cox is the Chief Investigator for QResearch and is responsible for ensuring that data access is provided in accordance with the protocol, ethics approval for the research database and following the advice of the Advisory and Scientific Committees.

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