Terms of reference/remit

  • To oversee the general working of QResearch including the handling of the data, the type of analyses undertaken and access to the database.
  • To oversee communication with and benefits back to contributing patients and practices
  • To agree and update the criteria and principles for access to the QResearch database and oversee their application.
  • To review any changes to the context of the data extracted for QResearch or changes to the terms of its use
  • To advise on policy for accessing data
  • To offer general advice on professional issues to the QResearch management team



The board represents the key stakeholders in QResearch in order to gain and retain the respect of the public, the NHS, practices and the research community. Its membership includes representatives of: 

  • The Royal College of General Practitioners
  • Patient representation including National Association for Patient Participation
  • EMIS National User Group
  • The British Medical Association itself and its General Practitioners Committee
  • EMIS
  • Chair of the Scientific Committee
  • University of Oxford
  • University of Nottingham


In order to oversee the ongoing development of QResearch we have appointed an Advisory Board as follows:

  • Dr Mike Walton - EMIS NUG representative (chair)
  • Professor Rafael Perera - Chair Scientific Committee, University of Oxford
  • Mr Jon Ford - BMA representative
  • Dr Caroline Mitchell - RCGP representative
  • Mr Antony Chuter - Patient Representative
  • Dr Patricia Wilkie - Patient Representative
  • Dr Derek Stewart - Patient Representative
  • Dr Jonathan Meadows - EMIS Health
  • Professor Carol Coupland - University of Nottingham
  • Professor Julia Hippisley-Cox - University of Oxford 

  ​The Advisory Board In Detail


Board Papers