Advisory Board Documents
QResearch REC approval letters
A new QResearch recruitment letter 2011.pdf
A Validation of QFracture vs FRAX for NICE 2011 (1.3).pdf
An overview of QResearch QScores QSurveilllance QFeedback 2011.pdf
QRISK1 Validation on the THIN database (Heart 2008).pdf
QRISK2 2010 Annual Update Information.pdf
QRISK2 Derivation and Validation (BMJ 2008).pdf
QRISK2 EMIS NUG presentation (2008).ppt
QRISK2 Implementing CVD risk assessment in Primary Care2.ppt
QRISK2 Powerpoint Advances and Controversies in Cardiovascular Risk Prediction 2008.ppt
QRISK2 Technical Supplement - 1 - Statistical Methods.doc
QRISK2 Technical Supplement - 2 - Reference Data.doc
QRISK2-2014 validation in patients with diabetes.pdf
QScores - QDScore Development and Validation BMJ 2009.pdf
QScores - QFracture Development and Validation BMJ 2009.pdf
QScores - QThrombosis Development and Validation BMJ 2011.pdf
QScores summary Nov 2011.docx
QScores Supporting Vascular Risk Assessment in Primary Care Imperial College July 2010.ppt
QSurveillance MREC approval 2013.02.20 13-0044 Favourable opinion.pdf
QSurveillance Practice Consent Information Sheet (1.0).pdf
QThrombosis - BMJ 2011.pdf
RS - OpenPseudonymiser KeyServer - v1.0.doc
Validity and completeness of the NHS Number in primary and secondary care data in England 1991-2013.pdf
Cardiovascular risk in High Secure Hospitals in England in 2012 (web version).pdf
Completeness and validity of the pseudonymised NHS number in QResearch and utility for data linkage.pdf
Cut offs for Townsend quintiles in England and Wales and QResearch.pdf
Definitions for CAG and HSCIC pseudonymisation workshop.docx
Diabetes QResearch-EMIS Search Strategy (v1-0).doc
How to chose a risk score.docx
OpenP to pseudonymised data for 3rd party linkage and re-identification only by source system_v1 2.pdf
Powerpoint - DOH diabetes indicators and nGMS prevalence graphs.ppt
Powerpoint - GMS results Plenary presentation 09 Feb 2006.ppt
Powerpoint - HPA on Real Time Surveillance using Q and NHS Direct.ppt
Powerpoint - National Research Ethics Trainig on databases February 2012.ppt
Powerpoint - Polypill Presentation Malta Oct 2004.ppt
Powerpoint - QDScore Presentation Notts County PCT April 2010.ppt
Powerpoint - QSurveillance NUG Sept 2009 (public).ppt
Powerpoint - Risk of colorectal cancer in patients taking statins and NSAIDS Berlin 2006.ppt
Powerpoint - Risk of malignancy in patients with mental health_1.ppt
Powerpoint - Risk of myocardial infarction in NSAID users Calgary 2007.ppt
Q118 Bermuda Report (2.3)_FINAL.pdf
QAdmissions protocol (1.1) for Web.pdf
QCancer - colorectal.pdf
QCancer - Letter Published BJGP March 2012.pdf
QCancer - lung.pdf
QCancer - oesgastric.pdf
QCancer - ovary.pdf
QCancer - pancreas.pdf
QDiabetes 2013 Annual Update Information.pdf
QDiabetes risk thresholds.pdf
QFracture 2012 BMJ.pdf
QFracture 2012 protocol for review.pdf
QInnovation Application Form (1.0).doc
QInnovation Application Form 2014.doc
Qinnovation award press release 2014.doc
QInnovation Award Press Release.doc
QKidney Derivation and Validation 2010.pdf
QResearch Data Linkage - BMA letter of support 2011.pdf
QResearch Data Linkage Study - DH letter of support.pdf
QResearch EMIS Web Data Sharing Agreement (Website).pdf
QResearch IF555 Activating Uploads.doc
QResearch Practice Notice 2011.pdf
QRISK algorithm.docx
QRISK Lifetime Paper BMJ 2011.pdf
QRISK Lifetime.pdf
QRISK1 Derivation and Validation (BMJ 2007).pdf
QRISK1 MREC approval for validation on THIN database.pdf
QRISK1 Original Study Protocol (2007).pdf
QRISK1 PowerPoint Presentation Calgary Oct 2007.ppt
QRISK1 Technical Supplement - 1- Statistical Methods.pdf
QRISK1 Technical Supplement - 2 - International Peer Review Commissioned by NICE.pdf
QRISK1 Technical Supplement - 3 - Verification of THIN Analysis for Dept Health.doc
QCancer 2019.pptx