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QRESEARCH specialises in research & analyses
using primary care electronic health data

​QInnovation: 10K award for innovative research to improve the nation’s health


2014 award

The Qinnovation competition for 2014 is now open. The deadline for applications is  31st Jan 2014.

For more details see the press release.

The application form can be found here.

Thursday, 31 October 2013

QResearch®Opens in a new window has announced details of this year’s QInnovation AwardOpens in a new window which recognises innovative research to improve the nation’s health – with a grant of up to £10,000 for the winner. This year there will be two awards. One which is open to any eligible team and the other which is dedictaed to practices contributing to the QResearch database.

Now in its second year, the award is inviting entries from UK research teams involved in projects that are likely to benefit patients or improve clinical care in primary, secondary or community health.

Entries will be officially accepted from tomorrow (1 November 2013) until 5pm on Friday, 31 January 2014.

Last year, a project led by GP Dr Tim Walter from Falkland Surgery in Newbury was one of two to win a £10,000 grant from QInnovation. Dr Walter’s team looked at diabetes risk identification and intervention.

A judge on this year’s panel, Dr Tim Walter has seen the benefit of QInnovation funding first hand. He said: “Thanks to QInnovation, together with support from the CCG, we were able to screen 113,000 patients for diabetes risk using www.qdiabetes.ogOpens in a new window and invite those identified to take part in a specially designed weight and fitness management course. Nearly a third responded. Using the research results we’ve been able to develop a step-by-step toolkit for CCGs to follow with at-risk patients that ultimately could help save lives. This can be found at in a new window.”

The winning team must include at least one member with postgrad research experience, and the research must be completed within two years of the award.

QResearch® is a not-for-profit partnership between EMIS Group - the UK leader in clinical IT systems for joined-up patient care - and The University of Nottingham.

The winning team will receive:

  •      data from QResearch® - one of the largest GP research databases in the world
  •            2-3 days of time from an expert epidemiologist/statistician
  •        Up to £10,000 to support the research or its dissemination

Dr Julia Hippisley-Cox, Professor of Clinical Epidemiology and General Practice at Nottingham University and co-founder of QResearch® said: “We launched QInnovation last year hoping that it would stimulate research innovation in primary care. It certainly did that. This year, we are opening up the award to the wider healthcare landscape while retaining the core requirement – the project must demonstrate potential to deliver real clinical benefits and improve patient health. I have no doubt this year’s entries will be equally impressive.”

Dr Shaun O’Hanlon, Chief Clinical Information Officer at EMIS, said: “Improved patient care is at the heart of everything EMIS does – it’s my job to ensure our systems deliver clear clinical benefit. It is both exciting and a privilege to be involved with this award and recognise innovative research projects built around the same ethos.”

The application form can be found here. Applicants applying for the award restricted to practices contributing to the QResearch database should indicate this in their application and include their EMIS customer number (CDB).

Media enquiries: Contact Libby Howard or Ruth Devlin, Judge & Howard,
tel: 0161 212 1611, email [email protected]. Out-of-hours enquiries to
Libby Howard on 07879 446277.

2013 award

Two primary care studies into major health prevention areas – smoking and diabetes – have each won £10k grants in the inaugural QInnovation Award.

A study assessing the safety of a smoking cessation drug and another to develop best practice in diabetes prevention for clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) won over the judges by demonstrating an innovative approach to tackling key health issues

This national award, launched by QResearch® – a not-for-profit partnership between GP software provider EMIS and The University of Nottingham – recognises best practice innovation that benefits patients or improves clinical care in primary health.  

As well as receiving a £10k grant, each project will also gain access to QResearch®, one of the largest GP research databases in the world, and receive up to three days of time from an expert epidemiologist/statistician.

Aziz Sheikh, Professor of Primary Care Research & Development at the University of Edinburgh, will lead the smoking cessation study. It will evaluate the safety of prescription cessation aid varenicline for smokers suffering from COPD or similar conditions, who may be more susceptible to the drug’s potential side effects. While studies have previously looked into the drug’s impact on the general smoking population, this is the first to examine the drug’s impact on ‘at risk’ patients of this nature.

The second winning project is led by GP Dr Tim Walter from Falkland Surgery in Newbury. Working in partnership with other EMIS Web practices, Dr Walter will use the QDiabetes tool to identify diabetes risk among 100,000 patients across the CCG locality, and implement intervention strategies to develop a ‘best practice’ toolkit that other CCGs can use for diabetes prevention.

Dr Julia Hippisley-Cox, Professor of Clinical Epidemiology and General Practice at The University of Nottingham and co-founder of QResearch® concluded: “Both projects demonstrated an innovative approach to two key issues for the NHS, based firmly in translating sound scientific study into outcomes that will benefit medical practitioners, patients and the general public – ultimately helping to improve UK health.”



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